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Category: Valentine's Day Crafts

  1. February Free Project - Valentine's Hearts

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    Hi everyone, this month's project is something quick and simple and Valentine's inspired, we will share with you quick and easy ways to decorate our red felt hearts, which are currently on offer this month, please click here.

    Diva crafts valentines hearts

    Heart top left - we used a broken zip to decorate this heart, in a style that is quite fashionable at the moment!

    Heart top middle - blanket stitched the edge and random buttons were sewn onto the front.

    Heart top right - bead details, we appliqued another heart on top and also added beads.

    Heart bottom left - we used ricrac this time for a simple but pretty effect.

    Heart bottom right - pearl drop beads on a string with mini satin rose embellishments!



  2. Heart Bunting Tutorial February's Free Project

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    Hi everyone, we have a very romantic themed project for you this month, heart bunting! This is super easy to make and doesn't take very long.

    You will need, hearts (we used felt hearts, but we have also made one with scrapbooking papers/cardstock). Invisable thread for the sewing machine.

    heart bunting diva crafts free project (1)

    All you need to do is line up your hearts so they overlap slightly at the edges and sew along the top about 1/3 down. Just to make sure all of the smaller hearts are attatched to the bigger hearts. This will be done in no time at all. And of course you can change the colours to make a pretty gift for a new mum for a nursery!

    Here's the finished item. On the table. Now if you have ever been into our shop you will see this hanging up along our ideas board!

    heart bunting diva crafts free project (2)

    Happy February

    Carole & Gina