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Hi everyone for this month's free project we have made some adorable mini envelope bunting! You will need: a paper envelope opened out, 2 different fabrics, a sewing machine, ribbon and buttons.

Step 1: Take your two fabrics and pin the right side together. Use your opened out envelope (keeping note of the TOP) and pin this on top.

mini envelope bunting diva crafts (1)

Step 2: Use your sewing machine to sew around the edge of the paper pattern to create your fabric envelope. Remove the paper and then cut out your shape. Remembering to clip any seams.

Step 3: Make a small insertion on the lining part so you can turn your envelope the correct way out. (see picture).

mini envelope bunting diva crafts (2)

Step 4: Fold your envelope together and sew closed with a button or similar embellishment. You can simply thread ribbon between them to hang them! Nice and simple.

mini envelope bunting diva crafts (3)

mini envelope bunting diva crafts (4)

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