March Fashion Voting WINNER!

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Hi Jem Fans

thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite Jem fashion! The winner, with 35.2% of the vote is....

Shana Starbright Pant suit! This design will be produced in both Hasbro & Integrity Sizes and available in the next wave of fashions.

Stay outrageous

Carole & Gina

shana starbright pant suit outfit integrity outfit jem doll clothes cazjar

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  1. Diva Crafts

    Hi Jessica, that's fantasic! thanks for your comments <3

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  2. Jessica

    I just received an order I made with you, and I am astounded. Everything was absolutely perfect. I am very excited for this new costume. I will definitely be purchasing 1 or 2. :) Thank you very much!

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