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  1. Hi everyone, we are starting a new feature here at Diva where we will share with you items that we have made, and it will be called Diva Makes! So for our very first Diva Makes I made this crochet pot the other day, and I just wanted to share it with you. To make the pot stiff, after I had finished it, I painted it with water and PVA glue mix, and allowed to dry. The flower was not washed with the glue mix and is still soft. Happy Crafting! Carole :)

    Diva Crafts crochet pot with flower (1)

    Diva Crafts crochet pot with flower (2)

  2. Hi everyone, we have 3 fabulous items to share with you again today. All three items were made by Gemma a Diva regular. The apron was finished using our spotty lace edge bias binding found here, the peg bag was made using our washing line teddy fabric found here, and the cupcake bag was made from some cupcake fat quarters which are currently out of stock. Thanks for sharing your pictures Gemma!

    Happy Crafting, Carole & Gina

    Diva Crafts customer project waist apron

    Diva Crafts customer project peg bag

    Diva Crafts customer project cupcake bag