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  1. Hi everyone, here is another free super quick and easy mini project. This time we show you how to make a Christmas t-shirt using scraps of ribbon!

    You will need: scraps of ribbon, pins, needle & thread or glue a bow or button to finish!

    Step 1: Place your t-shirt down on a flat surface, arrange your scraps of ribbon to form a tree shape (see picture) I turned the ends under before I pinned them. Becareful if you are using ribbon with words on that you're not cutting a word in half. I used a wide brown ribbon for the tree base.

    christmas tshirt free mini project diva crafts (1)

    christmas tshirt free mini project diva crafts (2)


    Step 2: Hand sew or glue the ribbons in place, taking care with the large ribbon at the bottom, tuck the tree base under it. Add a bow to the top or a fancy button and you're done! Pleaes note if you are using glue and want to wash your item please check the glue's instructions as to if it is washable!

    christmas tshirt free mini project diva crafts (3)

  2. Hi everyone, we have another free mini project for you to try! This week it's how to make these adorable mini snowmen!

    You will need: white felt, scissors, paper, sewing machine, needle & thread, marker pen & beads, items to decorate: ribbon & buttons.

    Step 1: make a template for your snowman, I drew around a gingerbread man  cutter but 'rounded' the bottom, (see pic)

    felt snowman mini project diva crafts (1)

    Step 2: I sewed around the outline, if you catch the paper it will easily tear away from the stitching. Do not cut the snowman out just yet, then I used a blanket stitch ( on my machine) to sew around the edge. Now cut the snowman out.

    felt snowman mini project diva crafts (2)

    Step 3: I used a black marker pen for it's eyes and mouth, an orange bead for its nose, tartan ribbon for its scarf, I joined the hands together (I'm making bunting) and then sewed a plastic 'candy cane' button over the hands. This would make a great hanging decoration on the tree or put multiple togetehr for bunting like I have, or even on the front of a greetings card!

    felt snowman mini project diva crafts (3)